The Flexi Tag



These fit anywhere, indoor or outdoor and onto any surface. They provide the business with the flexibility to mark anything and record it on existing invoicing and sales ledger software making these systems a more flexible business tool. They can be read by any mobile with NFC function or app (normally a free download).


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The Warranty check:

By marking items with an NFC Flexi Tag you can protect your reputation and keep your costs on warranty work to a minimum.

Whenever you finish a piece of work, supply or install a machine put on it a Flexi Tag then use your phone to send the Tag number and details to the office where they can add it to the invoice and sales ledger. Put the terms of the warranty onto the invoice so that the customer knows exactly the cover of the warranty.

If you are asked to carry out warranty work just scan the tag and check with the office who can look for the Tag’s id in the sales ledger. Details are on the customer’s invoice so there can be no argument about whether the work should be paid for.

The Service Record:

When you agree a service contract fit a Flexi Tag to the item and record it in the sales ledger and on the invoice with details of the service contract. Use the reporting functions in your sales ledger to list services that need to be carried and the history of past work. When an employee arrives on site a scan of the Flexi Tag and a message to the office can quickly establish if the item is covered by a contract and what work has been done in the past.

The Hazard Record:

Health & Safety requires a business to have proof that they perceive and deal with potential hazards. Any items identified in the risk assessments, but not limited to, machinery, containers, pipes and valves holding dangerous substances, fire doors, perilous structures etc. can be marked with Tags and the details recorded in your own records or on our Evidence Team database. This system also enables recording of transient perils such as trip/fall hazards caused by liquid spills. These apparently minor hazards are often ignored as they rarely cause harm but when the do the business is left liable for any prosecution or damages claim as they have no evidence about the specific occasion or any history of successfully dealing with previous incidences. The Evidence Team also includes a regular inspection diary. It provides answers and its comprehensive reports are ready to satisfy audits, official inspections and insurers.

The Genuine Item:

There are a growing number of firms who make money by producing and selling look-alike items. A genuine supplier can mark all their items with a Flexi Tag and record the ID’s in their sales ledger. We hold a database of all the Flexi Tags we have made and which company they have been supplied. We can easily and quickly check if a Tag ID is genuine.

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