Matching-ID For Classic Vehicle Provenance & Security

Protect the value and enhance the security of your classic with Matching ID.


Lets you put unique IDs onto the components of your classic

  1. The Trigger’s Broom syndrome is almost eliminated. When a component is replaced due to wear, damage or upgrade the new item is given a new ID and recorded in the documentation. Future owners can realise exactly what they are buying.
  2. Every ID conforms to International Standard ISO 11784/5 for RFID microchips. This means that all manufacturers of the chips guarantee the 15 digit ID number is always unique, no duplicates are permitted and you are not constrained to buying from just one supplier. This is why ISO 11784/5 has been used throughout the world by Government’s requiring mandatory IDs in all sorts of markets.
  3. Whilst we don’t have Dr Who to go back to fit Matching-ID when the vehicle was made you can start the ball rolling at any time. This gives documented evidence of the state of the vehicle at that date. Thereafter you can keep track and add more component IDs.
  4. Multiple IDs makes it significantly more difficult for criminals to sell stolen or fake cars as they never know when the true identity of the vehicle might be discovered from just one of the components.
  5. Component ID justifies asking for a higher price as the authenticity of the vehicle is more readily established.



Matching ID enables a buyer to check what a seller is claiming.

1.Does the vehicle have matching IDs?

Submit a data request to our database and using the VIN and vehicle registration we will tell you if the vehicle has a Matching ID Passport. The seller should be able to provide the passport and a scanner.

2.If the vehicle has a Matching ID passport then you can check:

(A). Does the seller have a scanner so that you can check the RFIDs.

(B). Do the RFIDs match what is in the passport.

(C). Use a data request to check that the IDs in the passport and found on the vehicle match the central database.

3. Use the passport to check for continuity of replacement or upgraded parts.

MATCHING-ID Explained Click Here for the video

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