Hazard Diary

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Hazard-Diary - Based on the Microsoft ACCESS database, probably the world's most popular database and useful for many different things. We've used the ACCESS GUI (Graphic User Interface) to provide a set of very easy to use screens and reports. The program is downloaded as an ACCDE file when you complete your purchase from the web shop.

For those who want to make changes or convert the tables to SQLEXPRESS we can, on request at the same price, supply as an ACCDB file. 


Hazard-Diary takes just 10 minutes even on the worst of days and makes your business safer - can 10 minutes on social media do that?

The program comes as a downloadable Microsoft ACCESS ACCDE file ready to run.

Buy through the shop and as soon as your payment is made you can download the program and installation intructions.

All the tutorials are provided as Youtube videos on the web with links built into the program.

System Requirement:

Microsoft ACCESS 2007 onwards (available from the Microsoft shop).

Can be run on a PC, Laptop, Local Server, Office 365 or linked to using TEAMVIEWER on a mobile.


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